Spa Bodywrap

This treatment helps soften skin and calm the busy modern mind. The client is unclothed, draped, and dry brushed to exfoliate the skin. Once finished, your therapist performs a gentle Swedish massage and applies a body mask. You are then wrapped in sheets and a thermal blanket for about 30 minutes and given a scalp or foot massage. You can also add on Gua Sha for no additional charge during your wrap. You are then unwrapped and the mask is removed with warm towels. A body butter is then applied and you are left with baby smooth skin. 

Please note; this treatment is not recommended if you are claustrophobic or have severe anxiety disorders. 

What is gua sha?

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese facial massage. We use jade handpieces to gently massage the face, promoting lymphatic flow and circulation. Clients often notice a natural facelift that lasts for about 24 hours.