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Platelet Rich Plasma

Scar Treatment (PRP)


Facial and body scars that result from acne, surgery, or trauma can cause embarrassment and impact your self-confidence. Looks Medical Aesthetics has nonsurgical treatments to reduce the appearance of scars, making your skin look smoother and less red. Long-term results will vary according to your skin type, your lifestyle, and your skincare maintenance routine.

How is PRP Scar Treatment done?

The treatment starts by the Aesthetician applying a topical numbing cream to the area of concern. While you are numbing a lab technician will draw your blood, spin the platelets, and verify count.

Afterwards, the Aesthetician will remove the topical numbing cream and do a sanitary prep to the area. Once complete the treatment the Aesthetician will begin treatment and this is used with a micro-needling pen to drive the platelets into the area of concern.


Pre-PRP Scar Treatment?

24 hours prior and day of treatment it is recommended that you eat a healthy meal and stay well hydrated.  Stop any retinoid or exfoliating products 5 days prior. In addition, we do recommend that you stop any non-prescribed blood thinners and fish oil prior to your treatment, as this may cause unnecessary bruising. For the clients that are concerned about bruising we also recommend Arnica Montana tablets 5 days prior to treatment.

Post-PRP Scar Treatment?

24 hours post you are not to wash the area. This is to ensure best treatment and allow the benefits of the PRP! Do not use any retinoid or exfoliating products 5 days after. Please note there are at home skincare products that our staff may recommend to assist with other concerns or enhance your results.

How many Treatments are needed?

Most of your patients find that one treatment is enough for the desired improvement. In some cases clients find that additional treatments may be needed. Our team will do our best to consult and guide you on many treatments could be expected. Should additional treatments be needed it is advised 3 months apart.