PureLipo is a new way to remove fatty deposits that’s less invasive and less traumatic than traditional surgical liposuction. It allows Dr. Mallory to sculpt your body to your own natural contours, so you look like yourself – only better! You won’t need to be put under general anesthesia while areas of stubborn fat are removed. PureLipo can be completed on basically any area of your body.

How is PureLipo performed?

Tumescent fluid containing saline, a local anesthetic, and epinephrine is injected into the area to be treated. The solution helps reduce post-treatment bruising, control pain, and make the fat easier to remove. Once the solution has had an opportunity to work, Dr. Mallory uses a very small cannula to remove fat from between your skin and muscles. You’ll see results within a few weeks of treatment once swelling has subsided.


Pre-Op is typically scheduled 2 weeks prior to procedure where a medical evaluation, procedure paperwork and consents, and fitting for your garments. 24 hours prior and day of treatment it is recommended that you eat a healthy meal and stay well hydrated. We do recommend that you stop any non-prescribed blood thinners and fish oil prior to your treatment, as this may cause unnecessary bruising. Clients that are concerned about bruising we also recommend Arnica Montana tablets 5 days prior to treatment.


4-5 days post procedure rest and take care of you. Following your procedure you will have a follow up appointment with Dr. Mallory and Ultrasound treatments with our Aesthetician. Clients will need to wear a compression garment and non- restrictive bra for 6 weeks post to ensure best outcome. Follow up photos are scheduled 3 and 6 months post procedure to ensure best results have been achieved. How many Treatments are needed? Most of your patients find that one treatment is enough for the desired improvement. In some cases clients find that additional treatments may be needed.