Plasma Pen Rejuvenation

Plasma Pen is a device that utilizes plasma to help reduce and/or eliminate certain skin conditions such as wrinkles, fine lines, moles, skin tags, etc.


Through the process of ionization, Plasma Pen creates an electric charge to target the surface of the skin. This causes a controlled burn, which dissipates heat throughout the area being targeted. Moreover, the dissipation of heat causes the body to send fibroblasts to the area and lay down collagen and elastin fibers, which promotes plumping and tightening of the skin.

Plasma Pen has the incredible ability to tighten the skin naturally and can be utilized to treat:

  • Moderately Loose Skin

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  • Moles

  • Nasal Labial Folds/Laugh Lines

  • Skin Tags

  • Marionette Lines

  • Cherry Angiomas

  • Smokers/Kissing Lines

  • Neck Lines/Neck Lift

  • Eyelid Lift

  • Eyebrow Lift


Because the plasma pen creates controlled burns on the skin, darker skin tones risk the chance of hyper- or hypo-pigmenting the skin. Our aestheticians treat skin tones 1 - 3 as pictured on the Fitzpatrick Scale above.  

We recommend a "Wrinkle Regimen" of plasma pen treatments in conjunction with Botox. The Botox temporarily relaxes muscles that create movement. Movement is what creates fine lines and wrinkles, so by relaxing these muscles you soften the lines. The Plasma Pen Treatment then "erases" the pesky wrinkles! This regimen gives you longer lasting results and a younger look!


Frequently Asked Questions 

What will I look like immediately after?


See bottom photos.


How long will I have the pin point marks on my skin?


Typically the scabs will flake off 7-10 days post procedure. Post care recommendations can be made by your aesthetician to ensure an even quicker recovery.



When can I exercise again?


A 48 hour wait period is suggested.



When can I wear makeup?


We recommend you wait 1 week (7 days) to apply makeup.

New Plasma Pen Pricing

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