Naturally Yours

Gluteal Enhancement

Have you lost some of the volume and shape in your buttocks that you once had? Naturally Yours Gluteal Enhancement is a great natural option to give you a natural looking behind. With the process that uses your own fat and a minor lipo procedure you could sculpt the body you want.

How does it work?

First, using liposuction, Dr. Mallory will gently harvest fatty tissue from your hips, thighs, or abdomen – wherever you have fat to spare. A centrifuge will purify the fat to remove impurities. Then, the fat will be injected directly into your buttocks. They will immediately look fuller, and the results will continue to improve in the months following the procedure.

Gluteal enhancement via fat transfer is performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. You’ll recover quickly and be back in tip-top shape in no time. Most patients return to work with 4-5 days, which is weeks faster than with implant surgery.

Pre-Naturally Yours Gluteal Enhancement

Pre-Op is typically scheduled 2 weeks prior to procedure where you will be given a medical evaluation, procedure paperwork and consents, and fitting for your garments.  24 hours prior and day of treatment it is recommended that you eat a healthy meal and stay well hydrated.  We do recommend that you stop any non-prescribed blood thinners and fish oil prior to your treatment, as this may cause unnecessary bruising. For clients that are concerned about bruising, we recommend taking Arnica Montana tablets 5 days prior to your procedure. 

Post-Naturally Yours Gluteal Enhancement

For the 4-5 days post procedure rest and take care of yourself. Following your procedure you will have a follow up appointment with Dr. Mallory and Ultrasound treatments with our Aestheticians or his Medical Assistant. Clients will need to wear a compression garment and non- restrictive bra for 6 weeks post to ensure best outcome. Follow up photos are scheduled 3 and 6 months post procedure to ensure client satisfaction and that best results have been achieved.

How many treatments do I need?

Most of our patients find that one treatment is enough for the desired improvement. In some cases clients find that additional treatments may be needed.

Your Fat Transfer treatment is a personalized procedure. Dr. Mallory’s staff will be happy to discuss PureLipo prices with you on an individual basis.