Naturally Yours

Platlete Rich Plasma

Hair Rejuvenation(PRP)


Platelet rich plasma for hair rejuvenation uses your body’s own blood to stimulate and encourage hair to grow, naturally and safely. This is a great treatment for anyone who has noticed thinning of their hair from age, hormones, and hair extensions.

How is PRP Hair Rejuvenation work?

PRP Hair Rejuvenation works simulating the bodies healing response to help improve agenesis (regeneration of tissue,) and blood flow. Essentially we are allowing that area to receive the proper nutrients to strengthen the hair follicle to stimulate to grow.


How is PRP Hair Treatment done?

The treatment starts by the Aesthetician applying a topical numbing cream to the area of concern. While you are numbing a lab technician will draw your blood, spin the platelets, and verify count.

Then the Aesthetician will remove the topical numbing cream and do a sanitary prep to the area. Once complete the treatment the Provider will begin treatment and inject the platelets into the area of concern.

PRP for Hair Rejuvenation Benefits

  • Virtually painless procedure

  • Not obvious to others; no embarrassing dressings or bandages

  • Takes approximately two hours to complete initial treatment

  • Non-invasive

  • Safe, with minimal side effects


Pre-PRP Hair Rejuvenation Treatment?

24 hours prior and day of treatment it is recommended that you eat a healthy meal and stay well hydrated.  Stop any retinoid or exfoliating products 5 days prior. In addition, we do recommend that you stop any non-prescribed blood thinners and fish oil prior to your treatment, as this may cause unnecessary bruising. For the clients that are concerned about bruising we also recommend Arnica Montana tablets 5 days prior to treatment.

Post-PRP Hair Rejuvenation Treatment?

You can resume your normal cleansing routines. Just remember to use gentle hands as you maybe a little sensitive from the Treatment.


How many Treatments are needed?

This is a difficult question to answer because we are not able to see how many hair follicles’ are being activated by treatment. However; improvement with the existing hair is noted and new growth in many cases are reported. Some clients find that additional treatments may be needed to get desired results. Our team will do our best to consult and guide you on many treatments could be expected. Should additional treatments be needed it is advised 3 months apart.